Encaustic Art UK

Introduction to Encaustic Art Plus

Welcome to Encaustic Art Plus. Encaustic Art Plus was founded in 2009 by Brian Nelson. Encaustic Art Plus' shop and studio is based at Elsecar Heritage Centre in South Yorkshire. It is from this studio that Encaustic Artist Brian Nelson has been teaching and running Encaustic Art Workshops ever since opening.

What is Encaustic Art?

encaustic artist Brian Nelson demonstrating techniques using the Encaustic Painting Iron

Wax painting, Or to use its grander title Encaustic Art, is a simple artistic technique, which gives great results in minutes. Unlike many crafts Encaustic Art really is as easy as it looks! There are just a few basic techniques to master before you start to produce your own quite spectacular results.

If you have a couple of minutes, browse through the pages of this website and you will soon find out how you can organise and book yourself on an Encaustic Artist Workshop with Encaustic Artist Brian Nelson teaching you techniques in his own unique way, and enabling you to create your very own Wax Painting masterpiece in minutes.

A little history.

Wax painting isn’t as modern as it may appear. In fact, the mummy portraits of Roman Egypt are the earliest examples of encaustic painting known to us. The oldest of them dating from 30-40 AD, the latest from about 300 AD. Having been preserved by an unusually dry climate, these wonderful pieces of art can be seen in museums all over the world.

Encaustic Art today.

encaustic art painting iron

It is only in recent times that new techniques have stimulated a revival of interest in the subject, Michael Bossom experimented with the art form. He developed many of the tools and much of the equipment now available includingencaustic a small flat iron (see image above), an heated stylus, a hotplate and even a heat gun! Using these tools coloured bees wax is manipulated across special Encaustic card to create the vibrant art work you see before you.